Difference Between Web Developer and Web Designer

web Developer vs web Designer

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the task that is associated with developing a website for hosting the internet or intranet. The Web development process involves Web design, Web content development, client-side, or server-side scripting, and network security configuration. A Website either be a simple page site and it could be an incredibly complex web application. When you view your website on the web in the browser it is because of all the processes involved in web development. Now you understand What is Web development let’s move on and discuss who is actually a web developer.

Who is a Web Developer?

Now a Web developer actually a programmer who is specialized in the development of the world wide Web application using a clients server model. Now they are also responsible for designing coding and modifying websites from layout to function according to a client specification. So web developers usually focus on a few languages so you can either focus on the front-end programming of the website using HTML, CSS, and Java Script, or on server-side programming like PHP, Java, Ruby, and .Net. Now there are different job profiles for Web developers as well.

Front end Developer

Front-end Developer is known as client site development. It mostly involves programming all the public-facing visuals and elements as part of a website design. So Front end Developers often have to collaborate with web designers also. They must have programming skills such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They work with elements that are visible to users. This was about Front end developers. Apart from that, another role is Back End Developer.

Back End Developer

Now Back End refers to the hidden layers that the users can’t see when they visit the website. They must have strong programming skills because the back-end layers form a dynamic connection between the front end and the database. Now to get this layer working important to know at least one of the programming languages such as python, Java, PHP, SQL, c sharp, ruby, etc. Also, you need knowledge of the server-side framework such as node JS. And finally, we have a full-stack developer. You can either work with the front-end or the back-end or you can also work with both of these together which is a full-stack web development

Full Stack Developer

A full-stack web developer is someone who has a good understanding of how the web works at each and every level. So, this includes setting up and configuring Linux or Windows servers, coding, server-side, and APIs running the client side of the application by using the JavaScript operating, querying databases, and structuring and designing the web page. This was the different works of the front-end and back-end or full-stack web developer. and combining all of this these were the tasks of a web developer. So now that you understood who is a web developer. Let’s move on and let’s see who is web designer.

Who is a Web Designer?

Now Web Designer Create layouts that are visually pleasing for visitors. So, the work of a web designer is critical and makes sure that visitors spend more time on a website. They analyze the latest trends in Web design and respect design principles and norms that follow the user’s aspect when visiting the website. Not just that designers also focus on adding branding elements to a website without making them too abrupt compared to the rest of the design. Since web design covers a lot of responsibilities web designers can specialize in specific areas of the website. There is different job profile for a web designer as well now talking about of role UI designer

UI Designer

The user interface designer that is UI designers is the ones who deal with user interaction. They make sure that users are able to interact with the elements that are present on the website. The user interface is everything that visitors see when they access a website. Its needs to be designed in a manner that fits the user’s expected workflow. Apart from UI designer is another role called UX designer

UX designer

Mostly you have seen the roles to be UI, and UX designers so you can either specialize as a UI designer or a UX designer. The user experience designer that a UX designer makes sure that your website to able to keep the visitors engaged. They analyze data before finalizing any design on the website. Also, the UX designer runs complex tests and restructures the website when needed to keep the user’s experience optimal. Apart from UI, UX designer we have a visual designer as well

Visual designer

When we combine duty of UI, and UX designers it creates a separate profile called a visual designer. Visual Designing refers to creating interfaces that are both visually pleasing and convenient to use. They must respect a brand so visual design skills both involve creativity and programming.

Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer

So these were the different roles of a web designer so now that you understood who is a web developer, and who is a web designer. let’s find out more differences between web developers and web designers. let’s have a look at some key roles of web developer and web designer.

Web DeveloperWeb Designers
Talking about web developers have to build interfaces using HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages the front-end developer can use styling preprocess Javascript libraries, and frameworks to fasten the development and also provide markup design to backend developers to implement a dynamic website. After that, the backend developers create the backbone of the website using languages such as PHP and MySQL. The web developer also uses a versioning tool to keep a history of previous bills to quickly and effortlessly move back to the previous version.
Talking about the role of web designers they use software tools such as adobe photoshop, Canva, or sketch to build the final design of the website. They also need some goods skills and graphics design, and logo design. Not just that web designer needs to have a good feel for user experience to identify the simplest approach possible to attend to the desired function. Apart from that web designers must keep themselves up to date with the latest design trends. They also need to keep and mind the branding of the website color pallet to be used and the typography and readability of the website.

So, these were some of the comparison factors between web developers and web designers now let’s move on and talk about the salary trends of both these job role

Salary Trends

Now talking about salary trends average web developer’s salary in India is around three lakhs eight thousand per annum. Whereas when talking about the average salary of web developers in the US is around fifty-nine thousand dollars.

The average salary of a web designer in India is around two lakhs eighty thousand per Annum which is slightly less than a web developer. The same goes for the average salary of a web designer in the US which is around Forty-Nine Thousand Dollars per annum even though this is slightly less than the average salary of a web developer.

So, these were the salary comparison of a web developer and a web designer. and I hope you have understood the various difference between these two roles. Even though they work for web development the areas are completely different for a web developer and a web designer. I hope you understood all the key differences between these two job profiles also their roles.

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