Advance Excel Course Training in Basai Gurgaon

Microsoft Excel Computer Corse Basai Gurgaon

Advance Excel skills make you a more preferable job applicant for the job. If you are a business owner you can automate various processes through Excel. Advance Excel can help you to solve more complex problems through its advance formulas. you can clean the data, analyze the data and visualize the data. Excel is used to make the process and task easy related to data. So if you learn the skill to handle the data in excel you will win the game. As we know data is the new currency in this era. Advance excel can help you to grow in your career. you can learn Advance Excel in Basai Gurgaon. The courses are available online, offline, and in hybrid mode.

Whether you are a student or a working professional this skill can open various opportunities for your career. Your profile will always be preferred if you know the advance excel skill. So having this skill can give you an edge over the competition. Don’t wait for the right time because the right time to start anything is now. Click here to fill out the form and get contacted. If you need career guidance you can contact us.

Advance Excel Course Syllabus

  1. All Basic Formulas
  2. Sum, count, Countif, Average, Sqrt, concatenate, power, if, sumif, trim, and much more
  3. All Advance Excel Formulas
  4. Match, Hlookup, Vlookup, Index, and much more
  5. Conditional Formatting
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Pivot Table and Dashboard
  8. Mail Merge
  9. Automation, Data Validation
  10. Application Projects, Salary Sheet, CRM, and Fee Management System.
  11. Macros

Advance Excel Course Fee in Gurgaon

Average Fee ₹1500/- Per Month

The average fee of Advance Excel in Gurgaon is 1500/- Per month in an Offline institute. The Fee at Green Field Computer Academy is 1500/- per month only. If you have any doubt feel free to ask us.

Advance Excel Course Duration in Gurgaon

Average Duration 1.5 Months

The duration of the Advance Excel course depends on the Students. By Our Experience at GFCA India Average Duration is 1.5 Months.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does excel training cost?

Average Fee 1500/- per month in Gurgaon.

Which Excel Cours is Best?

The advance Excel Course at Green Field Computer Academy is one of the best choices among students. The fee is affordable, and we guarantee you give you the best training in Gurgaon.

Is Advance Excel course useful?

Big YES, Having advanced excel skills can give you more opportunities in your career. You will be always preferable. As we know these days data is one of the main things we work on, So having excel skills is always better in any field.

Where can I learn Advance Excel?

You can Learn Advance Excel Offline and Online. We provide Advance Excel in Online mode as well as offline mode. If you live in Gurgaon Green Field Computer Academy is always preferable.

Can I learn Excel in 2 Days?

Yes but Only Basic Excel.

It depends on the student how much he knows already. If you know basic excel already and you have a good understanding you can learn advance excel in two days. But if you are a beginner you can not learn Microsoft Excel in 2 Days.

Can I learn MS Excel in a Month?

YES, you can do it.

Students above 10th class can learn Advance Excel skills in one month easily.


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