How to become a Full Stack Web Developer

How to become a full stack web developer


  1. What is full stack web development?
  2. Layers of full stack web development
    1. Presentation Layer/ Front-End
    2. Logic Layer/ Back-End
    3. Data Base Layer
  3. Types of web developers
    1. Front-End Developers
    2. Back-End Developers
    3. Full Stack Developer
  4. Why you should practice full stack web development?
    1. Choose from a variety of tools
    2. Design and Develop
  5. How to become a full-stack web developer?
    1. Front-End Web Development
      1. HTML
      2. CSS
      3. JavaScript
    2. Back-End Web Development
  6. Important web development tools and technologies
    1. Code Editors
    2. Version Control System (Git)
    3. JavaScript Frameworks

What is full stack web development?

You will have clear knowledge about how to become a full stack developer if we know what is full stack web development. Full stack development basically involves front-end and back-end web development. It requires in-depth scripting languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS which make the web look more interactive and alive. It also requires High-Level Programming Languages such as Java, Python, and so on to code the server side. Apart from all this you also require experience in working with javascript frameworks like nodejs and libraries such as jquery and so on.

Layers of full stack web development

1. Presentation Layer/ Front-End

This layer helps to interact with the web to watch videos, and perform actions like filling out forms and accessing online shopping sites.

2. Logic Layer/ Back-End

This layer form the dynamic connection between the front end and the database. When every time you search the web it’s the logic layer that transmits your requirements to the database and returns what you searched for. All of this is powered by a web server.

In order to get this layer working, it’s important to know at least one of the programming languages such as Python, Java, or C#.

3. Data Base Layer

This layer is a massive warehouse of information, it contains a database repository that captures and stores information from the front-end through the back end. To work on the database you should have knowledge that how data is stored, edited, and retrieved. Languages such as Mysql, and MongoDB are a must to know.

Types of web developers

1. Front-End Developers

Front-End developers are responsible for the website’s look and feel. These developers must be mastered three main languages which are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also need to be familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap, AngularJs, and Emberjs which make the website more attractive and alive.

2. Back-End Developers

Back-End of a website consists of three components the server, application, and database. A back-end developer creates and maintains the web server, application, and database which allows the front-end of the website to operate.

To make a server, application, and database and communicate with each other back-end developer use server-side languages like Php, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, etc to build an application. They also require operating on tools like Mysql, SQL, and MongoDB in order to fetch, store and edit data and then serve it back to the user front-end.

3. Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers should be knowledgeable enough to work on both front-end technology and back-end technology. You need to have an understanding that how the web works at each and every level including setting up and configuring Linux or Windows servers, coding Server side API, running the client side of the application by using JavaScript, and structuring and designing the webpage with CSS and HTML.

A full-stack developer is like a jack of all trades. You must have enough knowledge of both client and the scripting side.

Why you should practice full stack web development?

1. Choose from a variety of tools

A full-stack developer can choose from a rich set of tools and technologies for creating and designing unique code. They are not restricted to a certain set of tools for development because there is ‘n’ a number of frameworks and libraries that will assist a full-stack developer in achieving an effective web application.

2. Design and Develop

One more reason to practice full stack development is that you are not restricted to only development as a full stack developer you can design and style your application and then If you are bored with designing then probably you can switch to your developer mode.

“A Full Stack Developer is basically a creative person who can both develop and design an application.”

Apart from that, a full-stack developer is highly valued in all parts of the world. In the US the average salary of a full stack developer is over a Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars not only in the US all around the world full stack developers are in high demand.

How to become a full-stack web developer?

1. Front-End Web Development

To master front-end web development you need to know many technologies but the main technologies are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is the skeleton of every webpage. It defines the structure of the web. By using HTML you tell the browser how you want your content to be structured by defining different parts of the webpage.

3. CSS

CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheet is used to give the style to the HTML page. You can style them by using color, font, background color, etc. CSS has thousands of design functions.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is used to manipulate the HTML elements, and add motion and graphics to the HTML page.

Back-End Web Development

When a user opens a website, clicks on a link, or submits a form where does the data get stored? And how does the browser give information to the user?

Basically, a browser is connected to a webserver and a webserver is a computer running an application or software that delivers resources to the webpages. When a Web server receives a request for resources it has to respond with that resources. How does it do that?

Back-End developers program the webserver to respond with the right resource. The web server is connected to a database that is continuously pulled on receiving some requests.

The role of a Full stack developer here would be to create an application that fills the webpage with required resources by pulling data from the database.

This application can be programmed using server-side languages like Php, Java, Python, and nodejs. And the database can also be programmed using languages Mysql, MongoDB, and SQL.

Basically, the back end of a webpage is used to serve the required resources to a user.

Important web development tools and technologies

1. Code Editors

There are thousands of code editors in the market. But Visual Studio Code and Subline Text are the two most famous code editors in the market. But you can choose any code editor with which you are comfortable.

2. Version Control System

How to become a full stack web developer

It is used to keep the track of all the changes you make to your code, file, or any type of document. It creates versions of the file every time you change something. For example, you created a Web application and added an additional feature to it, now this feature is slowing down your website/application for some reason and you want to go back to the old version of your website.

Usually, it is very hard to revert back to the older version but the version control system takes care of this. Because it has a track of every change and can easily revert your website.

Some of the popular version control systems are git and subversion.

3. JavaScript Frameworks

There are thousands of JavaScript frameworks and libraries which will help you in web development. Frameworks like nodejs can help you with back-end development. And libraries like jquery can help in the front end to design a webpage. Then there is Angular, React, Backbone, and Meteor which are all very useful to a Full Stack Developer.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one of the important things you have to know about. To host the website on the server you should have knowledge about the servers. AWS Cloud Computing is used as a server in Web development. Hostinger is good but to handle high traffic and data you should have knowledge about AWS Cloud Computing.

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