Basic Computer Course / Training in Gurgaon

Microsoft Office Course on Basai Road Gurgaon

Basic Computer is Very Important as it is required everywhere and in every JOB. Now days basic knowledge of computer is mandatory in private jobs as well as govt. jobs. The basic computer knowledge is so basic that everyone expect that you know the basic knowledge already. Learning the computer give you idea to use the basic requirements in corporate.

Basic computer knowledge includes Turning On and Off the computer, basic hardware troubleshooting, adding new equipment with your computer, typing skills, controlling mouse and other device like printers etc. Creating new text documents, formatting new documents using MS Word,

Basic of Excel, Working on Data, Calculation using Excel, Basic Formulas in Excel, Automation in Excel.

Basic of PowerPoint, Creating Presentation, Some knowledge of Info graphics, Animations in PPT etc.

Basic Computer Course Training Syllabus 

  1. Fundamentals of Computer
  2. MS Word
  3. Formatting in MS Word
  4. Creating Tables, Drawing Shapes, Inserting Image, controlling Page layout
  5. Mail Merge with MS word
  6. MS Excel
  7. Basic formulas in Excel
  8. Advance Formulas, Hllookup, Vlookup, Mathc, Index etc.
  9. Formatting Data, Conditional Formatting
  10. Inserting and Printing Data
  11. Automation using MS Excel
  12. Projects of Automation in Excel
  13. MS PowerPoint
  14. Creating Presentation
  15. Adding audio, image, video, theme
  16. Creating animation and transition

Basic Computer Course Fee in Gurgaon

Average Fee ₹ 700/- Per Month

Average Fee of Basic Computer Course is 700/- rupees per months. It is just an average fee may be vary according to duration and mode of class.

Basic Course Duration at Green Field Computer Academy

Duration: (Average) 3 Months

The Duration of course Depends on the Students and their daily class duration.

Basic 3 Months (Recommended)700/- Per Months
Basic 2 Months (Recommended for Professionals)1200/- Per Months
Basic 5 Months (Recommended for Children)>500 Per Months
Basic Fee Structure

Admission Charges of Basic Computer course at GFCA India

300/- Only Once

The Admission Charges at Green Field Computer Academy is 300 per months for all Courses. To confirm the Seat Students have to pay 300 to block the seat.

Basic Course Training Timeline

Basic Course Training Start with the fully preplanned

Week 1Fundamentals of Computers
Week 2Basic of Windows (Notepad, Paint, Wordpad)
Week 3 – Week 5MS Word
Week 7 – Week-10MS Excel, Formulas, Exploration of all options, Projects
Week 11 – Week 12MS PowerPoint, Crafting Presentation, Animation
Course Timeline