Top 10 Books To Learn Java (Best Java Book For Beginner and Advance)

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Books are considered to be the best Companions and nothing can beat books when it comes to educating that is the reason most of the Season Java programmers as well as experts recommend books for learning in Java. Books contain authentic and in-depth knowledge that is often written by a person having Authority on the subject.  

I have categorized the books into two sections. The first one will be based on Fresh’s point of view while the other one is based on experienced professionals which will help you to gain skills to upgrade your careers now without wasting much time let us quickly start with our agenda which will tell us about the books that we are going to discuss.  

Beginners Level : 

  1. Head First Java 
  1. Clean Code 
  1. Java – The Complete Reference 
  1. Java Concurrency in Practice 
  1. Effective Java 

Advanced Level : 

  1. Java: A Beginner’s Guide 
  1. Java Performance – A Definitive Guide 
  1. Spring in Action 
  1. Test-Driven 
  1. Mastering Java Machine Learning 

Beginners Level 

Firstly the beginners level category will deal with head-first Java clean code. Now let’s get started with the first book that we will be discussing in our first category the beginner’s level is head first Java.  

Head First Java 

The author of the head first Java is “Kathy Sierra” and “Bert Bates”. The latest version of this particular book which is the second edition. It’s been recently published. It was published by the most famous publisher which is none other than ‘Chef O’Reilly’.  

If you’re just getting started with Java there is no other book better than head first Java. This book is really simple explains the concepts in layman’s terms and easily relates the Java programming Concepts to real-life analogies.  

This book covers all the object-oriented programming Concepts in great detail which makes the beginner easily get the hang of programming in Java. A few other helpful topics covered in this book are common object-oriented mistakes distributed programming with RMI and network sockets and threats along with 42 mind-bending puzzles for a thorough understanding of the concepts. Though, this book hasn’t been updated after Java 5.0 still it is an absolute stepping stone for a building programmer. 

Now followed by the head first Java we have another book by the name clean code. 

Clean Code  

A handbook of agile software craftsmanship. The author of this particular book is “Robert Martin” also known as “Uncle Bob”. Its first edition has been published by the most famous Publishers the ‘Pearson Education clean code’ is one of the classic books preferred by Java programmers.  

If you are a noob, this book will definitely help you construct better code which otherwise can be a bit challenging while this book is mainly centered around object-oriented principles.  

You will find this book divided into three sections based on the level of complexity of the concepts.  

  1. The first section covers the patterns practices and principles, which are the pillars for writing clean code.  
  1. The next section covers a wide range of case studies in an ascending complexity order.  
  1. Finally, the third section which is just one chapter focuses on a list of techniques gathered while curating the case studies in the previous section of this book to conclude. 

I would say this book will give you a strong base for building knowledge on Java and teach you various programming techniques and practices that will eventually help you in day-to-day Life.  

As a programmer now followed by the clean code the third book on the list is Java the complete reference. 

Java – The Complete Reference 

This book was written by “Herbert Schult”. The latest version of this particular book is the 11th Edition and it is published by the famous Publishers Magrohill Education’.  

This book is one of the most recommended and easily available books to get your hands on Java programming. It might not be that helpful for a complaint in a voice but if you have a basic understanding of java then this book will work wonders for you as the name suggests. It is a very convenient and comprehensive reference book with over 1000 Pages.  

This book is a well-structured and fully featured source of Java programming with real-world examples. This book is a perfect tool for learning Java as it covers basic Java Concepts such as Java 8 APIs, fundamental programming principles, Java language syntax, and keywords with extensive topics like Java beans, servlets, applets, and swing. 

So, if you’re on a journey to master Java this book is a perfect match for you.  

Followed by Java the complete reference the fourth book in the list is Java concurrency in practice.  

Java Concurrency in Practice 

The authors of this particular book are “Brian Goetz. The latest edition of this particular book has been published by ‘Addison Weasley Professionals’.  

This book is not definitely for the noobs but it is definitely for the programmers both feet are already worked with Java programming.  

The Java concurrency in practice book is one of the best Java programming books out there if you want to gain a Rich understanding of java Concepts such as concurrency and multi-threading. It is very essential for any art and Java developer but might appear a bit challenging at the beginning first before you jump onto this book. I would suggest you to get your Basics done else this book will appear as an alien language book to you but let me make one thing very clear there is no better book than Java concurrency for learning concurrency and multi-threading in Java, which is an integral part of this language.  

So the fifth book in the docket is Effective Java. 

Effective Java 

The author is “Joshua block”. The latest edition of this particular book is the Third Edition published by ‘Addison Weasley’.  

The book Effective Java falls under the category of must-have booked for every Java programmer as well as Java aspirant. This book can be referred to along with other Java books or learning material.  

This book basically constitutes 78 best practices that help a programmer to code effectively all the mentioned best practices in this book have been categorized into 11 distinct sections like concurrency generics and methods. This makes the learning curve shallower and helps in better understanding the book hands down something to Java programmers of any skill level the latest edition of this book is strongly built around Java version 7 version 8 and version 9.  

Advanced Level 

So with this, we conclude the first category of the top 10 books for learning Java followed by The Beginner’s level we have the advanced level.  

In this category, the books discussed are Java a beginner’s guide Java performance a definitive guide spring and action test driven mastering Java machine learning.  

Now we shall move ahead and understand the remaining five books for learning in Java the sixth book in the docket is Java a beginner’s guide. 

Java: A Beginner’s Guide 

The author is “Herbert shell”. The latest edition of this particular book is the 8th Edition published by ‘Macro Hell Education’.  

As the saying goes never judge a book by its cover well in this case by its title though the title says beginner’s guide. Actually, this book is very useful even for the season Java programmers it is one of the most comprehensive and complete books available in the market for learning Java.  

It comes with extensive Hands-On exercises as well as a quiz section at the end of each chapter. This enables the reader to self-evaluate his or her Learning Journey. With the latest edition release, this book has been fully revised to include Java 11se which means it includes complex Concepts such as Lambda expressions and functional interfaces so this might be the book.  

Just what you’re looking for now followed by Java a beginner’s guide the seventh book in the docket is the definitive guide to Java performance – A Definite Guide. 

Java Performance – A Definitive Guide 

The author is “Scott Oaks”. The latest edition has been published by ‘O’Reilly Media. 

Moving further into advanced Java programming we come across concepts such as garbage collection Java virtual machine and performance tuning and many more the only way of mastering these Concepts is through the book Java performance.  

This book covers all the above-mentioned topics in the simplest yet most effective manner. This book will teach you how to maximize Java threading and synchronization performance features, improve Java-driven database applications and tackle performance issues in Java EE and Java SE APIs, and many more.  

So followed by the Java performance the eighth book on the list is spring in action. 

Spring in Action 

The author is “Craig walls”. The latest edition which is the fifth edition has been published by ‘Manning Publications. 

Learning Java will always be incomplete without learning about at least one of its Frameworks. Spring is one of the most heavily used Java Frameworks for web application developments. You can learn it easily through this spring-in-action book.  

This book doesn’t just focus on the Spring framework but along with the course, you will dig deeper into the concepts like JDBC to find out the Unseen shortcomings of JDK and many more not just this. This book will also tell you how the spring framework helps in filling these small yet significant gaps one thing is for sure once you are through this book you will discover New Horizons of java. 

Now the ninth book in the docket is test driven. Design and acceptance of test-driven design for Java developers. 


The author of this particular book is “laissez”. The latest edition of this particular book has been published by ‘Manning Publications.  

So, the programmers who want to change their field from development to testing this book is a perfect solution for you. This book is an excellent book for learning how to build unique automation testing programs.  

This book provides industry-based examples to test drive Java code it also covers topics like acceptance of test-driven development the fit framework and testing Java EE, components, JSPS, servlets, and Sprint controllers. 

So if you’re one among those who prioritize code quality as well as have a knack for writing unit integration and automation testing. This book is definitely for you. 

So followed by test driven the last book on the list is mastering Java machine learning. 

Mastering Java Machine Learning 

The author is “Uday Kamath”. The latest edition which is the second edition has been published by ‘Pac Publishing’.  

This book covers a wide range of topics that are used rigorously today, in the machine learning domain through this book.  

You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of linear algebra probability and statistics not only this but through the Java machine learning book, you will also learn about standard issues such as text mining, classification, clustering big data, and machine learning. The main highlight of this book is that it is loaded with 10 real-world case studies each of them highlighting various techniques of machine learning.  

So in case you have already mastered Java, this will help you in exploring the new domain of machine learning now with this book we have come to an end of this topic. 

Thank you and Happy learning 

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