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Why to learn Typing?

There are too.. much reasons to learn typing some are following.

You can save lot of valuable time with typing fast.

High typing speed can give you much value in your professional life.

It may helpful in your college or school.

You will get job easily.

It may helpful while chating with your friends.

And much more......

How to learn typing?

learning typing is as easy as clicking on typing tutor option

There are four type of practice on our website in typing tutorial.

1. Keys : Keys is provided with full support.
2. Words :Words is a type of practice where you will get indicated if you type wrong.
3. Sentence :you will get little help of keyboard and very little help.
4. Paragraph : It show your real speed in this you have not any type of support.

How to take a test?

It is as easy as 1 & 2

1. Chose an articile.

2. Click on start button.


Chose Tping test from global menu and chose articile from left side menu.

Review Or Custom keys

If you are facing problem with typing some keys you need to review those keys.

It is also as easy as 1 & 2

1. Enter the keyword which you want to review.

2. Click on start.

Calculator Keyboard Layout

If you need to type with Number pad or If you are Accountant or Shopkeeper than it is very helpful for you. This is the calculator keyboard layout.

Traditional Hindi Typing ( हिंदी टाइपिंग )

With our Traditional Hindi Typing Tutorial you can learn how to type in hindi.

You can also type in sanskrit with this

Hindi Typing is useful in Designing wedding cards, invitation cards, Banner and in much more.

Because it is a Traditional method to type in hindi so we are saying it Traditional Hindi Typing.

coming soon...